Water Polo


Water polo has two different categories of teams; both boys and girls teams have a 14 & under team and a 16 & under team. The 14 & under team usually consists of players under the age of 14 and they are eligible to play in the 16 & under team as well. However, for all kids over the age of 14, they are only capable of playing in the 16 & under team. The water polo team is a good experience for many kids interested in getting involved within the pool or just to keep occupied. Water polo is open to all kids that want to try and there is no obligation to stay. The requirements for the team are to have reached at least bronze in swimming lessons and to have a Speedo or jammer bathing suit.


For all the kids who want to get a feel for the game of water polo prior to joining the team or simply just to learn the basics of the game for fun, there will be water polo lessons available to you. The goal of water polo lessons is to familiarize the kids with the rules of the game and the basics of the game. The lessons will be held twice every week during the swimming lessons time slots and we ask that kids be in a minimum of blue in their swimming lessons.

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