Each family is asked to complete ONE task.

Families that have children participating in swim meets are required to participate at one of these events. We ask that you participate in the same number of meets as you have children, as we have approximately 100 positions to cover over the summer. This will fulfill your volunteer participation requirement for the season.

New members are exempt from volunteering their first year at the pool as it will give them an opportunity to observe how the pool runs and what the various positions involve.

Here is a list, and a brief description of the available volunteer positions for the 2020 season:


Opening the pool and preparing the deck. This includes painting picnic tables, cleaning bathrooms, power washing the deck, fixing any damaged items etc. Please bring your own tools, brooms, rakes, etc.


The member will receive a list of items to pick up at a grocery store or COSTCO and deliver to the pool. They will be reimbursed within 1-2 weeks.


Translating some documents into French throughout the season. Requires a 48 hour turn around time.

The bylaws must be translated this year. They are quite extensive and will require a longer time commitment.


The counters and freezer top must be wiped down, the floor swept and mopped, the refrigerator and bread box cleaned out. Clean the sink and draining board. Organize the food shelves.


Must be available from 4:30 pm to approximately 7:00 pm.
2 people to BBQ
2 people to serve
3 people to bring large dessert
3 people to bring large salad
1 person as a spare in case of a cancellation in the other positions


Purchasing of decorations, food, helping with set up and /or clean up.


The positions include (per meet): 6-9 timers, recorder, stroke & turn, 2 runners, 2 ribbons, place judge, chief place judge, chief timer, starter, referee.

Last updated April 7, 2014