Visitors to Windermere

Members of the pool are permitted to sign in a maximum of 5 guests on a daily basis. Swimming and non-swimming members are considered guests and must pay the fees outlined below. There are no free guest passes. Grand parents are FREE of charge.

Members of Beaconsfield , Kirkland, Pointe Claire or Baie D'Urfe (refered to as Residents) are permitted to visit the pool as a guest a maximum of 3 times during the regular season.

Guest passes can be purchased from the gate guards at the pool at the rates indicated below.

Type of Guest Fee
Adult - Daily $5
Child - Daily $3
Weekly Pass For Non-Resident Adult $20
Weekly Pass For Non-Resident Children $10
Weekly Pass For Non-Resident Family $40

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the membership coordinator at

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