Buying a Share

  1. Access to the facilities at the Windermere Aquatic Club is available only to Members who purchase a share in the Club for $190. This is a one-time charge. The full value of $190 will be reimbursed when you sell your share in a future year.

  2. When purchasing a new share, an administration fee of $60 is applied. This specific fee is a non-refundable, separate, one-time charge which is not reimbursed when your share is sold.

  3. In the first year, and in all subsequent years, a Member must pay Annual Dues at a level corresponding with their Membership Class. There are five Membership Classes, described on our Memberships page. Please refer to the "Typical Example" provided below.

  4. Shares are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis - no exceptions. There is a fixed number of shares dictated by the club's by-laws.

Typical Example for new Member

If you are buying a new Membership for the upcoming season, the initial costs will thus be:
  1. Share purchase: $190

  2. Administration Fee: $ 60

  3. Annual Dues: this amount varies with the Membership you select. For many families paying on or prior to Registration Day, the amount is $ 425.

In the second and subsequent years, a Member pays only the Annual Dues (again, variable, but for most families that will be $425).

Note that an "late payment fee" of $50 is applied if the Annual Dues are paid after Registration Day (typically the first Saturday in May at the chalet of Windermere Park).

Selling a Share

A share can change ownership only when there is both a buyer and a seller for that share. It is not possible for a Member to sell a share directly to another party. All share transfers must be managed by the Club. Details are provided on the Selling your share page.

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