Membership Types

Family Memberships     (Three Types)
Windmere offers three classes of Family Membership.

Classic Membership: $ 425.
When annual Dues are paid on or before Registration Day.

Young Family Membership: $ 275.
This membership is offered to families whose eldest child is aged 4 or under, as of 24 June.

Legacy Membership: $ 225.
This membership is offered to families whose youngest child is aged 14 or older, as of 24 June. This membership is available exclusively to families which have been members in good standing at the Club in each of the three immediately preceeding seasons.

†   Please note:   A late payment surcharge of $50.00 is applied for renewing family Memberships that pay their Dues after Registration Day.

In 2019, Registration Day is held on 04 May, 2019 at the chalet of Windermere Park.

No surcharge is applied for new memberships of any type.

Non-Family Memberships    (Two Types!)

Non-Family memberships do NOT require the purchase of a share in the Club.

Adult Member: $ 100.
Provides access for one adult aged 18 to 54.

Senior Member: $ 50.
Provides access for one adult aged 55 and over.

No late-payment fee applies to Non-Family Memberships.

No volunteer-waiver fee applies to Non-Family Memberships, but of course we would welcome your participation and contributions enthusiastically!

Volunteer Waiver Fee

All families are required to register for one volunteer activity. There are many activities to choose from, none are arduous and most are even fun! For those members whose schedules or preferences are such that they prefer to not contribute their time to the club, a $70 volunteer waiver fee is assessed.

Membership status for the current season will not be updated until you have signed up for 1 task or paid the $70 fee. Members can choose tasks at Registration Day, or by contacting the volunteer coordinator .

Summary of Benefits    

The first step is to purchase a in the Club.

The purchase price of a share is $190. This is a one-time charge, and this is the value that will be reimbursed when you sell your share in the future once the club has a buyer for your share. Yearly annual Dues are also paid at the beginning of each season. Details related to share purchases can be found here.

Benefits of Family Memberships include:

  • Morning and evening swim lessons for children taught by qualified instructors

  • As a part of the west-island ALPS association, WAC offers access to our competitive teams: swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo

  • Aquafit, early bird swim & masters swimming for adults

  • Lifeguard training courses & certification; Bronze Med/Cross and Star

  • BBQ nights, themed events, outing and games

  • Clean, fun, safe wadding pool with toys and added water features

  • Daily leisure swim periods

  • Leaders social program for children 11 and up

  • Activities for the whole family at one summer price!

All family members residing at the same address are included (proof of residency may be required). A family babysitter can also be designated, and this person enjoys access to the pool area only when accompanied by children.

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