Swimming Lessons

Windermere Pool uses the Olympic Way program to teach our participants. Swimming lessons are available for all levels. We have swimming lessons during the day as well as in the evenings. A given participant must choose between the day or evening time slots for any given session.

The daytime lessons are given Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00am. The evening sessions are given on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Lessons are 30 minutes long with the exception of paddlers, white and yellow classes which are 20 minutes. For more information consult our daily schedule.

We have 4 sessions of lessons per summer.  A session is 2 weeks long.  You may register for either morning lessons or night lessons.  If you would like to do a combination of morning sessions and night sessions, please register for night lessons, and then talk to a manager on deck about which session(s) you would prefer to do in the morning.  The session dates for the 2019 season are:

Registration for swimming lessons is done online during the membership renewal process. You will be asked in which level you wish to register your child and in which sessions will they participate. If you are a new member, the procedure for completing the swimming lesson registration online will be e-mailed to you once your share purchase has been processed. Please note that older participants are given priority to the earlier classes and that younger children are given priority to the later morning classes.

To ensure you register your child for the proper level, please consult the equivalency table below.

White Ratio 5:1
  • Jump from side with bubble on unassisted
  • Swim 12 m (1 width) with bubble on, forward swimming arms
  • Swim 2 m unassisted (no jump)
  • Blow bubbles while swimming with bubble on
  • Back float with head assistance
Yellow Ratio 6:1
  • Jump in, unassisted
  • Demonstrate a front and a back glide
  • Swim 12 m (1 width) unassisted with no bubble, face in water
  • Front float and back float, unassisted (5 seconds)
Green Ratio 6:1
  • Push off wall streamline with kick - 6 m
  • Swim Front Crawl - 12 m (1 width) with face in water and arms out
  • Endurance swim - 24 m continously
  • Backstroke kick - 12 m (1 width) with head back and horizintal body position
  • Rolling floats (front to back, back to front)
  • Retrieve item from bottom of pool
Red Ratio 7:1
  • Submerged push off into streamline kick
  • Front Crawl - 25 m with breathing to the side
  • Backstroke kick - 25 m
  • Backstroke - 12 m (1 width)
Blue Ratio 7:1
  • Push off wall streamline position (back)
  • Front crawl - 50 m
  • Backstroke - 25 m
  • Breaststroke kick - 25 m
Bronze Ratio 7:1
  • Front Crawl - 50 m
  • Backstroke - 50 m
  • Breaststroke - 50 m
  • Introduction to starts
Silver Ratio 7:1
  • Front Crawl - 75 m
  • Backstroke - 75 m
  • Breaststroke - 75 m
  • Butterfly kick - 50 m
  • Introduction to butterfly arms
  • Introduction to flip turns
Gold Ratio 7:1
  • Front Crawl - 100 m
  • Backstroke - 100 m
  • Breaststroke - 100 m
  • Butterfly - 50 m
Parents & Tots
    A 20 minute lesson for 6-24 month year-old children. The lesson is intended to get children comfortable in the water through the guidance of an instructor and the support of their parent.
Level 6
    A pre-competitive program which further develops swimming techniques and helps to develop a competitive spirit in an enjoyable way.

    *only available to those participants that have completed Gold
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