Diving is a great way to work on balance, flexibility and special awareness. It teaches discipline and concentration. You can also impress your friends with all the cool tricks you can do off a diving board.


This is a competitive program designed to improve diving skills for all ages. Typically, but not without exception, participants have some diving experience (i.e having taken diving lessons last year). Beginning with the basics, each diver will learn proper diving techniques. As the diver improves, more difficult dives will be introduced. For dive team members, we strongly encourage participation in the dive meets, which will be held Sunday mornings. Please consult ALPS web site at www.jumptoalps.com or WAC August calendar for exact dates and locations.

Anyone is welcome to come out and try the diving team and is under no obligation to stay. Overall, the diving team is a fun and productive way to learn how to dive and be given the chance to compete. Should you have any questions about the diving program, please feel free to ask a member of the coaching staff.


As an introduction to the sport, we offer diving lessons weekday mornings. A session will consist of four 20-minute classes spanning the same 2-week period as the swimming lesson session. Classes will be smaller, grouped by age and ability.

In diving lessons, your child will first learn how to perform a proper hurdle. Then, depending on individual ability, one will be introduced to the basic front and back dives. For those who feel ready, more complex dives will also be taught. Diving lessons are a great way to have fun and to improve your diving skills at the same time!

For safety reasons, it is important that individuals be in at least green (in swimming lessons) in order to participate in diving lessons.

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