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Our Club is managed by a Board of Directors composed entirely of local volunteers. Each of the members have children involved in pool activities, just as you may have, and each contributes generously of their time to our association.

Six senior volunteers form the Executive Committee. They are supported by a number of other members of the Board (the Directors), each of whom carries a particular set of responsibilities.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us! Email addresses are provided below.

As you can see, we have a number of vacant positions at present. Our pool association will be a better place if YOU get involved too! Please consider joining us!

If you have questions related to membership (to buy or sell a share in the Club), please refer to the membership section of this web site or contact our membership coordinator at

Executive 2019

Position Name E-mail

President Melissa Mcdonald
Vice-President Tara Brisson
Vice-President Vanessa Rice
Treasurer Ian Swain
Secretary Joseph Valenti

Directors 2019

Position Name E-mail

Membership Tara Brisson
Volunteers Anne Harkin
Canteen Nadila Gagnacci
ALPS Rep Melissa Mcdonald  
Equipment Alison Paquet
Maintenance - Vacant -  
Social - Vacant -  
Marketing & Sponsorship Vanessa Rice
Graphic Design - Vacant -  
Webmasters Jennifer Dessureault
Joe Valenti
Member at Large - Vacant -  
Pool Manager Chris Callard, Daphne Doucet, Jake Hunter